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Decision Making for Enhanced Health Security

Gilberto Montibeller, Prof. of Management Science, Loughborough University, UK
February 15, 2023 (SDP Invited Talk)

Abstract: Emerging and re-emerging health threats have always been a central theme of our history; the recent COVID-19 pandemic being the latest of these unfortunate events and certainly not the last. The pandemic once again reminded us of the importance of reasoned decision making and responsible leadership for health security. (In fact, did you know the very first decision analysis was conducted on a health security decision problem in the 18th century?)

In this talk I argue that decision analysis has much to contribute to this important category of decision problems, which has specific challenges that must be addressed to support high-quality decisions. I propose a framework for supporting health security decision making that can address competing priorities and key uncertainties, mitigate critical risks in a cost-effective manner and maximize societal value.

Join us to learn about the fascinating true story of the first health security decision analysis and to jointly reflect on how we can improve the decision quality of private and public organizations which are confronted by health threats. Together we, the decision professionals, can help to enhance the health security of our societies.

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Keywords: culture cultr, framing framestruc, analysis and modeling anamod, societal decision socdec, adoption of da adoptda

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