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Announcing the 2016 Decision Analysis Society Practice Award Competition

Click here for the Practice Award Application form.

Are you a decision analysis practitioner who has done some outstanding decision analysis?  Has it made a significant difference in a critical decision?  Would you like to be recognized for your contribution?  If so, please consider submitting a presentation to the 2016 INFORMS meeting and competing for the 2016 Decision Analysis Practice Award. This year the meeting will be held in Nashville, TN on November 13-16.

There are two ways to enter the competition. You can directly submit your abstract to either of the DAS Practice Award co-chairs or you can submit your abstract to INFORMS at (  Our panel of judges will review all decision analysis practice abstracts that are submitted to the fall meeting  and invite the authors to apply for the DAS Practice Award.  For this award decision analysis is broadly defined based on the definition used for publication in the INFORMS journal Decision Analysis (  The deadline for submitting abstracts is May 15th.

Rather than holding a dedicated DAS practice award session,  the presentations will be placed in the appropriate cluster/session and the judges will move from session to session. The presentations will be judged by considering  1) the quality of the decision analysis techniques, 2) the impact the analysis had on the decision-making, 3) the benefit to the client organization and 4) the importance of the problem using the assessment rubric below.


Judge Assessment


Evaluation Criteria


(0 to 4)



Very Good

(7 to 8)




Use of Decision Analysis techniques


Improvement (clear technical flaws) or not clear from presentation

Comparable to average work in my organization/


Comparable to very good work in my organization/ experience

Comparable to the best work in my organization/ experience



Impact on client’s decision making

Impact not described.

One of several factors in the decision making process.

Evidence provided of use by decision makers

Evidence provided of significant impact on decision making process


Benefit to client and decisions/ stakeholders

Benefits not described.

Presenter’s statement of benefits

Evidence provided of important organizational impact

Evidence provided of significant organizational impact


Importance of the problem

Importance of the problem not explained or lack of client and stakeholder identification.

Of interest to decision makers and stakeholders

Significant interest to client’s decision makers and stakeholders

Very important problem for public and/or private decision makers/stakeholders



The DAS Practice Award is co-sponsored by the Society of Decision Professionals. The prize is $750, a plaque from the Decision Analysis Society and publicity (consistent with your proprietary restrictions.)  The winning presentation will be showcased on a Society of Decision Professionals webinar  and  featured at the 2017 annual meeting of the Decision Analysis Affinity Group (SDP’s annual conference).  Submissions based on previously published or presented work are also eligible for the prize.  

Submitters are responsible for obtaining any company or agency clearances necessary to allow presentation of the work.  Aspects of the application or results may be disguised as necessary to preserve confidentiality, provided that the material that is disclosed is sufficient to allow evaluation of the work.  We encourage co-authored submissions where appropriate.

For more information on the prize and a list of past winners, see 

If you have any questions please contact  Frank Koch or Greg Hamm, the co-Chairs of the 2016 Decision Analysis Practice Award Committee

Frank Koch                                                       Greg Hamm                 




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