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DAAG 2021

DAAG 2021, Online, April 14-16

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Day 1

Keynote Presentation: Lessons in Decision Making from the Columbia Shuttle Accident
- Dr. Edward Rogers, NASA 

Practice Award: A Decision Analytic Approach to Collaboratively Respond to Invasive Grass Carp in Lake Erie
- Kelly Robinson, Department of Fisheries and Wildlife; Mark DuFour; Lucas Nathan; Jason Fischer; Michael Jones; Seth Herbst; Tammy Newcomb

The Art of Decision Framing
- Olusey Ekanem, Shell; Dr. John R. Black, Aragon National Inc.; Jeff Keisler, Univ. of Massachusetts Boston

Case Studies
- Eva Regnier, Naval Postgraduate School, "COVID Testing: Make the Most of Testing"
- Eric Johnson, GSK, "Early-Phase Pharma Decision Making"
- Max Moullin, Public Sector Scorecard Research, "Improving and evaluating outcomes with the Public Sector Scorecard"

Day 2

Keynote Presentation: How to Decide: Simple Tools for Making Better Choices
- Annie Duke, Poker Champion and Author 

Addressing Value Drain in the Deal-Making Function
- Paul Papayoanou, Founder and Managing Director of Dragonfly

Panel Discussion: Meet four leaders from different professional spheres working to raise public awareness and engagement in decision-making skills, with the aim of positively shaping tomorrow
- Annie Duke, Author, Speaker and Decision Strategist; Eyas Raddad, Research Fellow, Research Decision Analytics, Eli Lilly and Company; Lee Failing, Partner, Engineer and Decision Analyst at Compass Resource Management; Joe Sweeney, Director, Alliance for Decision Education

Innovative Methods for Addressing Uncertainty
- Michael Liebman, IPQ Analytics, "COVID-19: Medicine Sails in a Sea of Uncertainty"
- Robert Lempert, RAND Corp, "Good Decisions Without Good Predictions: Decision Making Under Deep Uncertainty"
- Bart Willigers, AstraZeneca, "Expert elicitation and advanced Bayesian modelling: Extrapolation of clinical trial data to establish long term mortality"

Chairs’ Choice: Diverse Explorations of Decision Sciences Around the World
- Larry Phillips, Emeritus Professor of Decision Science, at the London School of Economics, and a Director of Facilitations Limited, "Decision modelling with limited or no data"
- Geoff Olser, Operations Manager and instructor for the Association of Canadian Mountain Guides (ACMG) Training and Assessment Program, Freelance Mountain Guide; Todd Guyn, Mountain Guide; Stephen Holeczi, Mountain Guide and Mountain Rescue Specialist for Parks Canada, "Hope is not a strategy - Introducing Decision Quality principles to mountain guiding in Canada"
- JeNae Johnson, CTM Unlimited, "Systemic Bias and Decision Quality

Day 3

Executive Panel: Decision Leadership
- Sonia Scarselli, VP Global Exploration and Appraisal, BHP Petroleum; Sharon L. Heck, Corporate Vice President, Finance and Chief Tax Officer, Intel Corporation; Session Closing Remarks – Jim Driscoll, Director of Intel’s Center for Decision Leadership

Breaking through: overcoming barriers to decision culture
- Laura Brandt, US Fish and Wildlife Service, "Stealth decision analysis, bringing decision analysis principles to U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service one problem at a time"
- Jennifer Harrington, Intel and Ashlee Burke, Intel, "The Power of Moments – Boosting Cultural Change by Creating Defining Moments"

Bridging data and decision sciences
- Fabrizio Dell'Acqua, Columbia University, "Decision Biases and Artificial Intelligence"
- Xiaoguia Guo, University College, London; Smith School of Business, University of Maryland, "Machine Learning Forecasting Project Delays as an Input to Decision-Making"
- Neil Hamlett, International Consulting Associates, "Bridging Machine Learning to Decision Analysis Using Metalog Functions"

- Steve Glickman, Boeing & Phillip Venice, Boeing, "Interview with a Superforecaster"
- James Mitchell, 1524077 Alberta Inc, "Forecasting or Superforecasting?"
- Jordan Stephens, Intel, "Lessons from Curvecasting (a.k.a. "A Decision Analyst, a Forecaster, and a Data Scientist Walk Into a Conference Room”)"

- Elizabeth Ewing, Ewing Smith Consulting LLC, "What is Sustainability?": Setting the Context for Practitioners in Understanding sustainability-related decision making from a corporate perspective
- Sabrina Watkins, Sustainability Advisor and Luis Mendoza, Decision Frameworks, "Use of Decision Quality to Evaluate a Path to Net Zero"
- Andrew Kilmartin, Institute for Energy Systems, University of Edinburgh, "Unbundling the Energy Union: Decision Quality and Decision Dialogue Framework and EU Energy Policy"

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