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DAAG 2002

DAAG 2002, Las Vegas, February 27-28

The full program is not available. Archived talks are listed in alphabetical order.


- 2-Dimensional Policy Sensitivity Diagrams Convey Concise Insights - Phil Beccue
- Budgets are Portfolios Too - James Mitchell
- DA + VE Tools Do Make a Difference - Charles Jennings
- DA at Bristol-Myers Squibb - Kazuo Ezawa
- Decision Analysis Application and Patterns at Boehringer Ingelheim - Jessica Hayden and Jim Keirns
- Determining the Value of an Asset for Portfolio Selection - Rick Bayney
- Discounting Effectiveness - James Felli and Kent Wall
- Expected Internal Rate of Return as a Prioritization Metric - J. Mauer
- I'd Rather Be Lucky Than Good - Pat Leach
- Implementation of DA Projects: Three Fables - Stuart Harris
- Javelin Diagrams - Jim Felli
- Lessons from Herodotus - Andrew Burton
- Marketing of DA at GM: Rise and Fall - Jerry Lieberman
- Marketing the Services of a Decision Analysis Group - Mary Peters 
- Mergers, Acquisitions and Licensing - Bill Haskett
- Nova Chemicals Business Case Development Financial Model - R. Marti
- Patterns in Oil E&P VOI Decisions - Peter Cunningham
- Patterns in Pharma DA - An Example from Abbott Labs - Steven Kuemmerle
- The Hidden Quality Process - B. Kitchell
- Using Preference Probabilities as a Surrogate for Market Forecasts - D. Johnson

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