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Ethical Decision Quality (EDQ)

Speaker: Dr. Ali Abbas
Univertsy of Southern California
Moderator: Amy Day

How do you assess the ethical quality of a decision? What are the impediments to ethical decision quality in an organization? Can you integrate ethics into the teaching and practice of decision analysis? Should you integrate decision analysis tools into the teaching and practice of ethics? This talk will address these questions by drawing conclusions and insights from thousands of media articles and case studies.

Decision analysis and ethics have often been treated as different topics. This separation impacts the quality of decisions adopted in situations with ethical implications. The New York Times and the Wall Street Journal published articles questioning whether ethics courses are useless and whether business schools can teach students to be virtuous.
By drawing on the wealth of tools and experience offered by decision analysts, this talk identifies an area of expansion of decision analysis in organizational ethical decision-making. Further, this talk illustrates the need to integrate ethics into every step of the application of decision analysis.

By integrating ethics into the teaching of decision analysis, the talk also identifies ethical issues that may arise with the application of decision analysis. For example, can the scope of the frame have ethical implications? Can information-gathering or using a flawed method of decision-making have ethical implications? Can cognitive biases be exploited unethically?

This talk (i) introduces the elements of ethical decision quality (EDQ) that can be used to assess the ethical quality of a decision and an organization’s ethical decision culture. By scanning thousands of media articles, the talk also identifies (ii) the descriptive behaviors and mindsets within an organization before an ethical collapse, (iii) the follow-up decisions conducted by organizational administrators in crisis management that further impede ethical decision quality, and (iv) the decisions organizations should make to build their ethical decision.
Zoom Webinar
Dec 13, 2023
08:00 AM - 09:00 AM
Hilda Cherekdjian
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Dr. Ali Abbas, University of Southern California

Ali Abbas is a professor of industrial and systems engineering at the University of Southern California. He is the author and co-author of numerous research articles and books on decision-making and ethics including Foundations of Decision Analysis (with Ronald Howard), Foundations of Multiattribute Utility, Next-Generation Ethics, Improving Homeland Security Decisions, and Ethical Decision Quality: Building an Ethical Decision Culture.


He is the recipient of multiple awards from the National Science Foundation for his work, and recipient of numerous first-prize research awards from IEEE Systems and the Decision Analysis Society of INFORMS.



Amy Day, Clarity4Action.org, Executive Director

Amy Matheson Day is the co-founder and Executive Director of Clarity4Action.org and a Board member of the Society of Decision Professionals. She specializes in teaching young people and adults how to make good decisions. She teaches courses through Fortune 500 company partnerships, community organizations and schools, and Clarity4Action-hosted classes. With over two decades of experience in Decision Education, she holds a Stanford University Continuing Studies certification in Decision Education, Counseling, and Advising.


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