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Late Life Asset Decisions: Love, Death and Rock and Roll

SDP Free Webinar
20 Nov, 2019 | 8:00 am PT / 11:00 am ET
Speakers: Ellen Coopersmith, President & Jeremy Walker, Vice President - Decision Frameworks.
Moderator: Carol Liffman, Sustainability Strategy Consultant - Liffman Advisory LLC.

Often, we are faced with difficult choices when we are dealing with late life and overly mature assets. With the reframes like an old classic song playing in our heads, our thoughts can become clouded based upon the memories of how things used to be. The debates on the future of these assets can be heated as they often times contain important and vested personnel with deep experience and strong views. These assets compete with other opportunities in the portfolio for people, resources and capital. How do we engage with the teams running these assets in a manner aimed at valuing their contributions? How do we know when we should move on and when we should concentrate on re-invigoration efforts? What levels of future re-investment would be justified? What other considerations are important for us to understand? Why can’t I get any satisfaction?

These questions and a host of others will be addressed through a late life case example which Decision Frameworks will walk through. This deep dive into a mature North Sea oil and gas asset will provide some insights on the role that the Decision Quality workflow can play in creating a more complete and transparent understanding of the potential options, trade-offs and considerations you and your teams must face when making late life asset decisions. Start me up!
Nov 20, 2019
08:00 AM - 09:00 AM
Hilda Cherekdjian
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Ellen Coopersmith, Founder & President, Decision Frameworks
Ellen Coopersmith is the founder of Decision Frameworks and a Petroleum Engineer with a degree from the Colorado School of Mines. She is based in Houston, Texas, and specializes in Decision Analysis consultation, facilitation, training, and implementation. Prior to founding Decision Frameworks in 1999, Ellen spent 16 years at Conoco, where she led their implementation of Decision Analysis in Upstream for five years. She is an accomplished technical and managerial facilitator, as well as a published and invited speaker on both the implementation and the technical elements of Decision Analysis. Ellen's passion for and focus on Decision and Risk Analysis is on skill development and on making framing, uncertainty analysis, and valuing information easy day-to-day asset management tools in our client industries. Ellen is a Fellow and Past President of the SDP.

Jeremy Walker, Vice President, Decision Frameworks
J. Jeremy Walker has been with Decision Frameworks since 2005. He is the Vice President of Business Development, and a Consultant, with a background in business strategy development, petroleum economics, portfolio management systems, and asset acquisition and divestitures. Prior to joining Decision Frameworks, Mr. Walker was the General Manager of IndigoPool, a Schlumberger company that specializes in integrated acquisition and divestiture solutions and targeted transaction support services to companies and countries engaged in acquisitions, licensing rounds, and divestitures in the petroleum sector. His previous assignments were heading up Schlumberger’s sales and marketing efforts for the Value Risk products in Europe, Africa and the CIS based out of London. and ten years of numerous sales, marketing, and management roles as a partner in Merak Projects, a petroleum software company. Mr. Walker is a 1986 graduate of the University of Toronto, with a bachelor's degree in International Relations and Economics.


Carol Liffman,Sustainability Strategy Consultant, Liffman Advisory LLC. 
JCarol Liffman is an independent strategy consultant who recently turned her attention to issues related to sustainability and the energy transition. This follows a 25+ year career in the oil and gas industry that included roles across the value chain from reservoir to burner-tip at companies including Hess Corporation, BP, and PDVSA/SAIC, among others. Carol has a private practice in Houston, Liffman Advisory LLC. She collaborates with Global Affairs Associates in Houston to deliver solutions for integrating ESG into core business strategies. For issues related to Climate Action, she works with Plan C Advisors in San Francisco. This year, Carol is the SDP Program Council Chair. 


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