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Integrated Decision Making in the United States Marine Corps
Meredith Brown, 2014 SDP Webinar (Invited Talk)

From DA Practitioner to EVP of Fortune 500 Company…My Decision Analysis Journey
Matt Fox, 2013 SDP Webinar (Invited Talk)

The Psychology of Decision Making
Jay Russo, 2013 SDP Webinar (Invited Talk)

Thinking about the Thinking
Katherine Rosback, 2012 SDP Webinar (Invited Talk)

DA as a Natural Act
Rob Kleinbaum, 2012 SDP Webinar (Invited Talk)

Everything we know is wrong
Pat Leach, 2012 SDP Webinar (Invited Talk)

Merging Decision Analysis Framing and Scenario Planning for More Robust Strategy Development
Ellen Coopersmith, 2012 SDP Webinar (Invited Talk)

Ordered or Unordered? – A different angle from which to look at the complex issue of resource sustainability
Pat Leach, 2011 SDP Webinar (Invited Talk)

Aligning Decisions with our Values
Somik Raha, 2010 SDP Webinar (Invited Talk)

Game Theory Yields New Insights to Decision Analysis in the Energy Industry
Frank Koch, 2010 SDP Webinar (Invited Talk)

The Five Rules of Actional Thought
By Dr. Steven Tani, Seattle Chapter Meeting

Sharing Decision Quality with Young People is Fulfilling and Beneficial
By Chris Spetzler, Sam Savage, Brian Putt, Frank Koch, San Francisco Chapter Meeting

How Can a Board Frame and Manage Cyber Risk
By Mike Jerbic, San Francisco Chapter Meeting

Thinking About the Future in a Collaborative Design Process
By Steve Barrager, Scenario Analysis Interest Group Presentation

Scenario Planning at Shell, a Historic Perspective
By Henk Krijnen, Scenario Analysis Interest Group Presentation

A Decision Analytic Approach to Collaboratively Respond to Invasive Grass Carp in Lake Erie
DAS/SDP Practice Award talk by Kelly Robinson, Department of Fisheries and Wildlife, at 2021 DAAG Conference, online.

Integrating First Nations perspectives in the impact assessment process
Presented by Julian Gonzalez (EcoPlan) at 2018 DAAG Conference in Vancouver. In this session on Involving Communities of Interest in the Decision Process, this talk covers the potential impacts of the Trans Mountain Pipeline Expansion Project from the perspective of the Matsqui First Nation.

The Times They Are A Changin’: A Structured Decision Making (SDM) Approach to Managing Coastal Flood Risks from Sea-Level Rise In Vancouver, British Columbia
Presented by Christian Beaudrie (Compass Resource Management) at 2018 DAAG Conference in Vancouver. In this session on Involving Communities of Interest in the Decision Process, his talk highlights the application of a Structured Decision Making approach to evaluate the impacts of sea level rise and select mitigation options to reduce flood risks for Vancouver, British Columbia.

Evolution of emotions and Decision Analysis (DA)
Presented by Elayne Ko, Eyas Raddad, Somik Raha at 2018 DAAG Conference in Vancouver. In this session on Emotions and DA: Is There a Role for Emotions and Meaning in Decision Analysis?, this talk introduces some ideas and questions about how to incorporate emotions into DA.

Selecting a Preferred Alternative To Meet Tier 3 Gasoline Requirements
Presented by Rob Lazenby (Chevron) at 2017 DAAG Conference in New Orleans. In this session on Risk Assessment and Management, this talk discusses the use of DA techniques to determine a refinery's strategy to meet gasoline specifications.

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