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How much should we pay to play?

Presented by Ellen Coopersmith - Decision Frameworks and SDP Fellow
January 10, 2013 (SDP Webinar - Invited Talk)

How much are we really reducing risk from a test or pilot? This webinar introduces an innovative approach to answering this question. We show how interview questions posed to project teams on the accuracy of the different test designs can shed great insight on whether and how to test. The results provide insightful "confidence plots”- a useful tool for communicating complicated results to senior management. The plots answer the key questions: "What is the chance we will have good test results, but end up with poor results in commercialization?” and "How confident can we be if we get a poor test result, that we would not get good results if we went ahead and commercialized?”
Whether you are working in the military, pharmaceuticals or oil and gas, the approach is easy and helps achieve clarity.

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Keywords: voi voivoc, facilitation ssfacil, expert interview expints, decision tree dectree, uncertainty analysis uncanal, probability assessment probass, elicitation

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