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Facilitating Choices: Teaching the System to Change Without Resistance

Presenter: Gerald Bush

Presented at the 2013 DAAG Conference in Austin, Texas.

Too often, it seems we as decision practitioners assume that resistance is an implementation problem that happens after our work on making the decision is done. However, the real cause can usually be traced to the front end of the process. It’s roots are when people who will touch (or be touched) by a decision have not been involved or have not truly agreed to change, don’t know why, if or how to change, and don’t feel that their unconscious criteria or systemic barriers were considered. Until everyone can see how the change can be done without disrupting their whole system, they will not be ready to move. Clarifying decision governance, conflicts, politics and systemic change must employ a psychology and methodology that is different from our traditional focus on creating the right model and gathering information to compare alternatives. These two talks explore the human side of decision-making and introduce two perspectives that are complementary to decision analysis and have a proven record for success in business. Keywords:  business development busdev, opportunity identification, culture cultr, strategy development stratdev, implementation of da implda, organizational capability orgcap

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