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Real Life Framing: A Hurricane Harvey Case Study

Eleanor Bergin, Retired from Hess Corporation
September 19, 2018 (SDP Webinar Invited Talk)

In August 2017, when Hurricane Harvey dumped more than a year’s average rainfall on Houston over the course of just a few days, no one was untouched by the resulting devastation. Many organizations were left to sort through the damage and figure out how to return to normal. Schools had a particularly complex set of decisions to make and a more compressed timeframe in which to do so. The circumstances created an optimal environment to employ techniques which are second nature to decision analysts yet foreign to most professions. Beginning with the decision criteria of safety and timeliness and building consensus around a problem statement, a group of people unfamiliar with Framing was able to generate a strategy table within a few hours. From this point, the team moved forward with clarity and focus and successfully reopened a severely flooded school in less than two weeks. The approaches and techniques used in the Oil and Gas industry are very transferable and scalable to the non-profit arena.

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Keywords: framing and structuring framestruc, strategy table strattab, societal decision socdec

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