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Nudging Yourself to Make Smarter Business and Personal Decisions

Ralph L. Keeney, Private Consultant, Prof. Emeritus, Duke & USC Universities
Novemeber 18, 2020 (Invited Talk)

Abstract: Decision making should be considered a primary skill, because the only way you can purposefully improve anything in your life is through the decisions you make. Everything else just happens beyond your control, due to others’ decisions and happenstance. Your decisions empower you to enhance the quality of your life and to make contributions at work in businesses, organizations, and government. Thus, your decision-making skills are crucial.

This presentation describes and illustrates concepts and procedures to enhance the key skills necessary to make smart decisions and avoid the ever-present decision traps that degrade our choices. These skills concern defining the decision that you want to face, understanding what you hope to achieve by making that decision, creating alternatives better than those readily available, and proactively identifying decision opportunities that offer significant benefits. Each of the concepts are practical to use and rely only on common sense and focused effort. Improving these skills will help you obtain the ultimate business advantage: making smarter decisions.

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Keywords: framing and structuring framestruc, alternatives generation altgen, Value focused thinking vft, objectives hierarchy objhier

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