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Decision Quality and Design Thinking

Steven Meyer, Infusionsoft and Peter McKeown, CDK Global
December 19, 2018 (SDP Webinar Invited Talk)

It has always been essential to make high-quality decisions when developing new products or improving existing ones. It is also becoming increasingly important to accelerate the pace of the design process. How can we can we meet the need for speed AND ensure that the quality of our decisions does not suffer as a result? Design Thinking has given us a number of methods for identifying product features that most accurately meet the needs of the user, including design sprints to quickly iterate over problems and test solutions. The most common form of design sprint is performed over a 5-day period with defined steps on each day, beginning with a clear definition of the problem and ending on Day 5 with a prototyped solution. Application of Decision Quality concepts to the key decisions that are made within that 5-day process can lead to significant improvements in the quality, and the speed, of the process and the outcome. In this webinar we will look at specific ways in which the six elements of Decision Quality can be integrated into each step of the Design Thinking sprint process, and we will discuss some of the real-life challenges and successes we found in applying this approach to the development of large-scale cloud-based enterprise software services.

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Keywords: decision quality decqual, design sprint, framing and structuring framestruc

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