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Climate Change and the Energy Transition: How can DA Help?

Moderator: Max Henrion, , PhD, CEO, Lumina Decision Systems;
Panelists: Charlie Atkins, Director of Research & Development, Ramaco Carbon; Eric Bickel, Associate Professor, University of Texas Austin; Larry Neal, Retired, Chevron
October 23, 2019 (Invited Talk, Best of DAAG 2019)

Abstract: The growing recognition of the need to decarbonize our economies plus the stunning drop in costs of solar, wind, batteries, and other low-carbon technologies promise increasing disruption for traditional energy industries -- including oil and gas, electric utilities, and automobiles. How imminent are the threats and opportunities of the energy transition? Some of these companies were successful early adopters of decision analysis. How can decision analysis help them avoid getting stranded and find successful new roles?

This SDP Webinar is a reprise of a panel session at DAAG in Denver, April 2019, which was voted as one of the top two sessions of that meeting.

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Keywords: analysis and modeling anamod, risk and uncertainty riskunc, framing and structuring framestruc, organization capability orgcap, adoption of DA adoptda, value of da valueda

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