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Accelerating the Journey to DQ

Carl S. Spetzler and Jennifer Meyer, Strategic Decisions Group, Chris Edwards, Whiting Petroleum Corporation
February 13, 2019 (SDP Webinar Invited Talk)

Abstract: In today’s environment, decision participants’ time is more limited and divided than ever, and leaders and experts are often in multiple locations. Still, decision professionals must guide them to a quality decision, on ever shorter timelines. Traditional approaches make it difficult to gather the diverse perspectives and expertise scattered across an organization, particularly when time is tight. Also, common technology solutions are ineffective at guiding teams to high-quality decisions. In light of these challenges, SDG is now using the online platform Powernoodle® to achieve DQ through agile decision engagement. We discuss the benefits achieved with Whiting Petroleum in a recent strategy effort and suggest broader implications for the decision professional.

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Keywords: organizational capability orgcap, decision quality decqual, culture cultr,

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