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A Structured Process for Developing a Performance Confirmation Plan for the Yucca Mountain Nuclear Repository

Presenter: Tim Nieman, Geomatrix Consultants with Karen Jenni, Geomatrix Consultants; John Beesley, Bechtel SAIC LLC; James Blink, LLNL; James Duguid, JK Research Associates; Barry Goldstein, Sandia National Laboratories; Ahmed Monib, Bechtel SAIC LLC

Presented at the 2003 DAAG Conference in Houston, Texas.

Abstract: The Nuclear Regulatory Commission requires that the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) develop and document a Performance Confirmation (PC) Plan for the proposed Yucca Mountain Repository as part of a License Application. The regulation specifies a set of general requirements for the PC Plan, but the DOE must define the details of the parameters and specific testing and monitoring activities that will comprise the Plan. This paper describes the structured, decision-analytic process the Project used to evaluate candidate parameters and proposed PC activities in terms of the value of including each in an overall PC Plan. The evaluation process involved both management and project technical experts, with managers developing a set of evaluation criteria, based on the NRC regulation, and technical experts identifying candidate parameters and PC activities and evaluating them in terms of how well each performs against the evaluation criteria. The results of the parameter and activity evaluation are being used to develop alternative portfolios of parameters and activities that could comprise the PC Plan.

Keywords: multi-objective multobj, porfolio decision analysis portda portanal, objectives hierarchy objhier

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