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Deciding to Geoengineer the Planet - A Decision Analysis Case Study
Eric Bickel, 2013 SDP Webinar (Invited Talk)

The Psychology of Decision Making
Jay Russo, 2013 SDP Webinar (Invited Talk)

Thinking about the Thinking
Katherine Rosback, 2012 SDP Webinar (Invited Talk)

DA as a Natural Act
Rob Kleinbaum, 2012 SDP Webinar (Invited Talk)

Learning From Our Decisions
Vince Barabba, 2012 SDP Webinar (Invited Talk)

Principles of Good Strategic Portfolio Management
David Matheson, 2012 SDP Webinar (Invited Talk)

Everything we know is wrong
Pat Leach, 2012 SDP Webinar (Invited Talk)

Decision Quality – The Next Wave
Carl Spetzler, 2011 SDP Webinar (Invited Talk)

DA and Culture: Finally the Twain Shall Meet
Rob Kleinbaum, 2011 SDP Webinar (Invited Talk)

Ordered or Unordered? – A different angle from which to look at the complex issue of resource sustainability
Pat Leach, 2011 SDP Webinar (Invited Talk)

Rethinking VOI: How the Game Changes Things
Paul Papayoanou, 2011 SDP Webinar (Invited Talk)

The Value of DA/DQ: Building a Compelling Case for Decision Makers
Michael Menke, 2011 SDP Webinar (Invited Talk)

Aligning Decisions with our Values
Somik Raha, 2010 SDP Webinar (Invited Talk)

Applying DA to early-stage venture investing
By Joe Gatto, San Francisco Chapter Meeting

Thinking About the Future in a Collaborative Design Process
By Steve Barrager, Scenario Analysis Interest Group Presentation

Raiffa-Howard Award Talk: China Mobile
China Mobile accepts the Raiffa Howard Award

Hi-Tech Track: Creating a Decision Quality Culture in Hi-Tech
Panel discussion with Carl Spetzler, SDG; Shashi Jain, Intel; Amy Farrow, at 2019 DAAG Conference in Denver. This panel explores the challenges of bringing decision quality into the culture of hi-tech environments.

Hi-Tech Track: Building decision tools responsibly
Panel discussion with Cassie Kozyrkov, Google; Michael Norton, Harvard Business School; Clint Korver, Ulu Ventures; Dan Connors, Boulder AI at 2019 DAAG Conference in Denver. This panel explores how we embed decision-making principles into large-scale tools and allow collaboration over this,

Hi-Tech Track: AI for automating decisions at scale
Panel discussion with Cassie Kozyrkov, Google; John Mark Agosta, Microsoft; Chris Farrar, Google; Wenhao Liu, Salesforce at 2019 DAAG Conference in Denver. This panel explores situations of a single entity making large-scale decisions that are repeated.

Panel Session 4: Data Science and Decision Analysis in Venture Investing
Panel discussion with Kemal Anbarci, Chevron; Clint Korver, Ulu Ventures; Tom Kehler, CrowdSmart; Victor Koosh, Investor and Entrepreneur at 2019 DAAG Conference in Denver. This discussion covers the complementary use of decision science and data science in venture investing.

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