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Impact of Manufacturing Strategy On Portfolio Prioritization
Presented by Jerry Ruhland (Baxter) at 2010 DAAG Conference in Orlando. Example of incorporating analysis of manufacturing strategies into portfolio process.

Convince or Persuade?
Presented by Ron Howard (Stanford) at 2010 DAAG Conference in Orlando. Discusses how a decision analyst's job is to provide people with an argument that will allow them to convince themselves

An R&D Asset Development Decision Utilizing Lilly’s Quality Decision Process
Presented by Charles Persinger (Eli Lilly) at 2009 DAAG Conference in Indianapolis. Description of Lilly's decision process.

Frame size matters in the public debate on mammography
Presented by Marilyn Metcalf at 2009 DAAG Conference in Indianapolis. Discussion of problem framing and its importance as more patients are drawn into the decision making process.

Using the Hippocratic Oath to Provide a Surrogate for Client Utility Functions
Presented by Robert F. Bordley (General Motors) at 2009 DAAG Conference in Indianapolis. Example of how the Hippocratic Oath can be an accessible way to get at utility functions for some clients and patients.

Volatility, Recency Effects, and the Decision Maker
Presented by Larry Neal (Chevron) at 2009 DAAG Conference in Indianapolis. Discussion of how extreme volatility in 2008-2009 affected decision makers, their trust in models and forecasting, and solutions to these issues within Chevron.

Quantifying and Mitigating Splitting Biases in Value Trees
Presented by Sarah K. Jacobi and Benjamin F. Hobbs (Johns Hopkins University) at 2006 DAAG Conference in Baltimore. Discussion of biases due to how objectives hierarchies are set up and assessed in multi-objective problems and how splitting the trees impacts results.

Winning an Exacta: Want a Step Change in Investment Returns?
Presented by Jim Weller (Chevron) and Jerry Lieberman (Decision Strategies) at 2006 DAAG Conference in Baltimore. Innovating a step change in investment returns is no accident - key leverage point is project scope or opportunity in “pre-frame” which should include high value optionality.

Scenario-Based Project Planning
Presented by Frank Miller (Rohm and Haas) at 2005 DAAG Conference in Philadelphia. Overview of project planning using FIATECH (Fully Integrated and Automated TECHnology for the capital facilites industry).

Organizing the Mess: Designing Decision Solutions That Matter
Presented by Steve Mack (Whitney, Bradley & Brown) at 2004 DAAG Conference in San Francisco. Discussion of organizationally complex decisions and the use of good framing and collaboration processes to work through the mess.

Use of a DA Process to Develop a Petroleum Upstream Fiscal and Regulatory Regime
Presented by Tony Kenck (ChevronTexaco) at 2003 DAAG Conference in Houston. This talk discusses the failed attempt to use DA framing to negotiate fiscal terms, and lessons learned.

Of Space Shuttles, Legal Logic, and Decisions
Presented by Tom Spradlin (Confident Choices) at 2003 DAAG Conference in Houston. Keynote address at the conference discussing the importance of focusing on decisions and logic, including illustrations where DA can be key to cleaning up ubiquitous decision mistakes.

IT Projects are Like Other Investments
Presented by Jerry Lieberman (Decision Strategies) at 2003 DAAG Conference in Houston. This talk explores learnings from two recent IT project experiences and how IT projects can and should be evaluated like other investment decisions.

DA + VE Tools Do Make a Difference
Presented by Charles Jennings (BP) at 2002 DAAG Conference in Las Vegas. Discussion of processes at BP and how they add value to the organization.

Is Price an Uncertainty or a Decision
Presented by (Eastman Kodak) at 2001 DAAG Conference in Houston. Discussion of situations where one may want to model price as an uncertainty versus a decision, including consideration of price-elasticity curves.

Useful Scenarios in 8 Hours or Less
Presented by Garrett Brauer (Eastman Kodak) at 2000 DAAG Conference in Calgary. Discussion of how to use scenario analysis as a tool for strategy development.

Decision Analysis to Evaluate Possible Early Allocation of Phase 3 Resources
Presented by C. Hallford (Eli Lilly) at 2000 DAAG Conference in Calgary. An analysis of the benefits and risks of accelerating the timing of allocating Phase 3 resources.

Keep the Bath Water Too: Value Beyond the Strategy Product
Presented by Sabrina Watkins, Paul McNutt, Laine Summers (Conoco) at 2000 DAAG Conference in Calgary. Discussion of strategy development and value in E&P in Conoco.

AT&T Consumer Long Distance Strategic Choices
Presented by Ann Skudlark (AT&T) at 2000 DAAG Conference in Calgary. Based on work by Amy Muller and Bob Kostelak. Discussion of strategy development at AT&T, including use of scenarios.

Pipe Procurement Project
Presented by Phil Kormann (TransCanada Pipelines) at 1999 DAAG Conference in Orlando. Case study of pipe procurement problem illustrating framing of the issue, the process, and key results.

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