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Houston Chapter August 2017- "Adding Strategic Thinking to Plant Turn-Arounds"

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Nexen, 945 Bunker Hill Road, Houston, TX 77024 - 14th Floor
Aug 3, 2017
03:00 PM - 05:00 PM
Luis Mendoza, SDP Houston Chapter Secretary
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After the meeting, the Houston Chapter meeting attendees will move to a nearby location for an informal happy hour.

If you cannot attend in person and would like to dial-in, please register using the link below to receive the GoToWebinar audio conference information.




Plant turn-arounds tend to be optimization problems - how many projects can we fit within the time and budget of the turn-around. While these can be very complex problems to solve, they typically do not include much, if any, strategic thinking in the selection of the projects. A few years ago, a client challenged their turn-around team to think more strategically. Instead of thinking narrowly about fixing or making incremental improvements to the existing "pots and pans”, what could they do to move the plant toward a more strategic objective. The case study being presented shows how the team accepted the challenge and applied strategic thinking using a multi-attribute analysis to the determination of which projects should be included. 



Paul Wicker is a decision analysis and strategy development Senior Consultant with 23 years of working in the oil & gas/chemicals industry and 13 years of full time consulting. As a Senior Consultant, he has led critical strategic projects to help clients develop creative solutions to create maximum value. He has experience in technology, sales, marketing, and management in upstream, mid-stream, downstream and chemicals.



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